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  1. Loves Definition/Definitions
  2. God is Love.
  3. God the Fathers love to Himself.
  4. Christ’s Love is both knowable yet surpasses knowledge (by experience and unsearchable)
  5. Love. Verses in the Old Testament. Verses in the New Testament
  6. Loves characteristics as described in Solomon’s song of songs 8:6-7. A. Loves superlative power i. To Unite a. By casting out fear 1 John 4:18 and Song 1:9 b. By being a flame above all other’s i. To cast out fear and promote trust B. It’s Jealousy is as cruel and severe as Sheol. C. Loves Sparks D. Love is a flame above all other’s A. It sparks primarily for God E. Love is unquenchable F. Love is priceless
  7. Loves fruit. Love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 A. Love is patient and disposes us to meekly suffer long B. Love disposes us to freely do good C. Love opposes the exercise and outward expressions of an envious spirit, but tends to mortify its principle and disposition in the heart D. Love is humble and opposed to not only a proud behavior but a proud spirit E. Love is the opposite of a selfish spirit F. Love is opposite to all undue and unsuitable anger G. Love is contrary to a disposition to think or judge uncharitably of others H. Love does not rejoice in evil but rejoices in the truth thus love promotes and cherishes holiness I. Love bears all things for Christs’ sake J. Love cherishes and promotes faith K. Love cherishes and promotes hope therefore love and all other Christian graces are all connected together, and mutually dependent upon each other K. Love never fails and can’t be overthrown by opposition
  8. Jesus Christ’s love to His Bride A. Before time began B. In His life C. In His death D. In His intercession E In heaven
  9. Love as the fulfillment of the law (The foundational principle of the ten commandments is love)
  10. God commands love A. Love to Himself i. With all the mind, heart, soul and strength B. Love to neighbor C. Love to spouse D. Love to parents E. Love to enemies
  11. Love in marriage A as an illustration of Christ’s love to the church
  12. True love lost at the fall
  13. Having believed you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of love and love was restored in a greater light.
  14. True love grows A. In height B Greater widths C. Greater depths D. With longer durations Ephesians 3:16-19
  15. The fruit of the Spirit is Love

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