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The Sweetest and Most Happy Union of Souls

The Sweet HARMONY of Israel’s Messiah and his sheep.  The sweet harmony between a loving husband and wife.  The sweet harmony of shepherd and sheep.  The sweet harmony of a good and wise leader and an eager follower.

Tell me where you graze…”  And the one whom she has communion with says “”  Solomon’s Song of Songs 1:7-8

He is the good shepherd of her heart and she delightfully follows.


Wherever he was she desired to be there as well.  She desired to have her heart shepherded by him and he dighted to shepherd her.  He desired to lead she desired to follow.  Sweet harmony between both husband and wife, between leader and follower, between good shepherd of her heart and sheep.

Solomon was Israel’s Messiah, Solomon was not “The Messiah”  but he was the greatest Type of Christ thus far in many respects.

So also there is sweet harmony between Christ and His sheep.
“He goes before them, and the sheep follow him.” John 10:4

“he goes before her, and she follows him”; in which may be observed,

  1. What is here declared of the good shepherd with respect to his wife, viz. that “he goeth before her”; which expression will appear to be very comprehensive, if it be considered that what is intended is that Israels Shepherd goes before her as a shepherd goes before his flock.

So that here is signified the relation that the good shepherd stands in to her. He is her shepherd; he has a special propriety in her. She is his sheep; “My beloved is mine and I am his” Song 2:16  She is his and he is her shepherd.  She is no longer lead by another.  She is no longer yoked in slavery to her mother’s sons but the wisest shepherd king is her leader now and she is delighted to have him lead.  She is his.

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And hereby is signified his respect to her, his love to her and tender concern for her welfare, as a shepherd is concerned and takes care for the welfare of his flock. Hereby is also signified the great shepherd of Israels gracious treatment of his disciples or followers. He goes before them as their shepherd to defend them from those evils and enemies that they are exposed to; as the shepherd goes with his flock to take care of it, to defend it from wolves, lions and leopards (Song 4:8), and other dangers they might be exposed to.

Her leader goes before her as a shepherd to lead and guide her;  He guides her by the instructions and counsels of his sweet words to “follow” and “rest”.

She is also lead by God’s Spirit of Love in her heart 8:6, whereby she is not only the subject of the outward instructions and calls of her prophet husband, which are general; but the word of God is applied and got home on her heart.

He leads her by his example and character for his “name” was like perfume poured out and line up 10,000 wise men and he was “chief” among them all 5:10.


He goes before her as a shepherd to provide for her as an apple tree provides shade and nourishment. The shepherd goes with the flock to feed the flock, to lead them to their pasture. “Follow the tracks of the sheep and rest your young goats by the tents of the shepherd.”  So also the LORD leads his people. ” Psalms 23:1–2, “He leads me in green pastures.”  A role of the husband is to be a type of shepherd and Christ the Antitype.

He as a shepherd goes before them to lead them to their refreshment and rest, as the shepherd leads his flock to water and to a cool shadow, as to their resting place. Psalms 23:1–3, “The Lord is my shepherd. He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul.” with Song 1:7, “Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest, and where thou makest thy flock to rest at noon.”

  1. We may observe what is here declared concerning bride with respect to her husband.  She is to both “follow” him and his advice, which is also very comprehensive. Hereby is signified her acquaintance with him. When she see’s him, she follows him as one that she knows and loves. “Tell me you whom my soul loves…”

And hereby is signified his acknowledgment of her.  “If you do not know most beautiful of women..”  When she inquires the good shepherd answers.  He is there for her.  He loves her and she loves him.  She acknowledges him as her shepherd by inquiring information from him.  Solomon was gifted with unmeasurable wisdom 1 Kings 4:29 and was the “Teacher” in Ecclesiastes.  Their was no other better shepherd alive and he is her the good shepherd of her heart and he will teach her to guard it for it is the wellspring of life Prov. 4:23.


When he goes before her, she readily follows him, as acknowledging him as her shepherd. When she see’s a stranger, she doesn’t  follow him, because she doesn’t know or love him; she doesn’t have any concern with him. But when she see’s the great shepherd of Israel before her , she follows him, as acknowledging her concern with him. By her following of him is signified her approbation of him, and inclination to him.

When he calls, she willingly comes to him and it ravishes his heart as in Song 4:8-10; and when he goes forth, she willingly follows. For she entirely approve of him, and inclines to him as her shepherd. Her is hers. Her following is not forced, but a ready and cheerful following of him.  His love was “more delightful than wine”.  His love in shepherding her heart was most delightful, therefore following him was no burden but light and she came to him for he was gentle and humble in heart, for the king of peace was not only radiant and glorious but ruddy and humble.

And again hereby is denoted her submission to him. When he calls or gives advice, she obeys and comes; when he goes and leads, she willingly submits and follows her shepherd king.  She doesn’t go her own way; but she is willing to submit to his direction, and go where he leads her.

Hereby also is signified her trust in him. She follows him, boldly trusting in him as her good shepherd for she knows his “name” 1:3.   He will wisely lead her where she may go safely, and lead her where she may find rest for her soul from slavery in the hot sun 1:6. She does not follow strangers: she dare not trust them: she doesn’t know where they will lead her.  But she has that trust and acquaintance with the wise king shepherd, and do so know and love him to be a good and faithful shepherd, that she was not afraid to go wherever he leads them.  Thus the compliment of a fearless “mare” in battle 1:9

There is a sweet harmony between Israels good shepherd and his sheep.The harmony that there is, consists in three things.

I. An harmony of mutual respect.

II. An harmony of conformity and likeness.

III. A harmony of suitableness.

I. There is between husband and wife a sweet harmony of mutual respect. This consists, in mutual election or choice, Mutual love, mutual compliance and acceptance and mutual indwelling.

First. In mutual election or choice.

Husband and wife do choose each other.  “My beloved is mine and I am his.” 2:16  The wife is chosen by the husband as the bride of Christ was chosen by the Father.  Revelation 17:14, “They that are with him are called and chosen.” John 15:16, “I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit.” So likewise is the shepherd king God’s beloved son the object of her choice: he is her chosen one.  We see her choosing him in the words Let “him” kiss me.  “Draw me after you.” 1:2-4 and her going to him for advice.  “Tell me you whom I love.” 1:7 and many other places in the Song.

The Bride is the one that chose the bridegroom and vice versa.  He was chosen before others and he has chosen her before others even though all the maidens desired him 1:4.

Christ and the church have a mutual respect one to the other.

Lets look for a moment at the mutual respect between Christ and the Church.  Christ also, passing by others, rejecting multitudes, thousands and millions, passing by many of the princes and great ones of the earth. John 15:19, “I have chosen you out of the world.”

So is Christ chosen by the true Christian before all earthly things yea all created objects. His soul chooses Christ in comparison of them, rejecting and neglecting all other things. This is with him the “pearl of great price,” of such exceeding value in his esteem, that for the sake of it, he sells all that he has and buys it.

Christ has chosen believers to be a peculiar people to himself, to be his portion and special treasure. And so have they chosen Christ [to] be their portion and peculiar treasure. He is their chosen happiness. This is the treasure hid in the field, which a true Christian finds, and goes and sells all that he has, and buys that field. True Christians are Christ’s chosen disciples. He is their chosen Redeemer and Lord. They choose him above all others to be their Savior, above their own righteousness or any fleshly arm.

Christ hath chosen the soul of the believer to be his spouse and spiritual bride. The soul of the believer mutually chooses Christ to be his best and nearest friend, and of free choice and inclination gives up itself to be espoused unto Christ.

Similar language is also in the Song. 1:8, 5:9, 6:1, “O thou fairest among women.” And that is the language of the bride to the bridegroom in Psalms 45:2, “Thou art fairer than the sons of men.” And Song 5:10, “My beloved is the chiefest among ten thousand.”

Second. In mutual love.

The heart of Israel’s Messiah and his bride are united in love: He loves her and she loves him.   Love esteems, desires, admires and glories on in the other. We we look at all 4 aspects of various manifestation of love in the union between the two most excellent lovers in the Song of Songs.

Mutual esteem and value one to and in the other.

The husband has a great esteem and value for his wife. Both her and her love are precious and valuable to him like jewels 1:10, 4:10, and he is precious and valuable to her 1:13, 5:10-16.  So is Christ highly prized by the true Christian. To them that believe, he is precious (1 Peter 2:7); and they are of the same spirit with the Apostle, who says that all things were accounted as loss. The husband highly values his wife and the wife highly values her husband.

Her husband is altogether lovely in reality and in the eyes of the wife. There is nothing in him, no attribute or qualification, but that he is lovely to her on the account of it. Not only his goodness and grace, but his justice and sovereignty is lovely to her. Song 5:16, “He is altogether lovely.” So also the wife may be said to be wholly lovely in reality and the eyes of her beloved/beloved; for though there be much remaining deformity, yet ’tis as it were hidden from the eyes of God’s beloved son Jedidiah, Solomon, the king of peace, that he sees it not.  Solomon loved his wife as God loved Jacob and Israel. He doth not behold iniquity in Jacob, nor see perverseness in Israel Numbers 23:21. And therefore Christ says to his church,  with Song 4:7, “Behold, thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee.”

Husband loves with a love of benevolence. Such is the Love of the Lord’s son to the his bride that nothing is esteemed too good, too great an happiness or honor to be bestowed, or too much to do or to suffer to procure it. The bride has his nature of the same spirit and disposition towards God. His love to the coming Christ causes him earnestly to define His honor and glory, and to seek that more than all his temporal interests, profits, or pleasures.

Such is Solomon’s love to the Shulamite that he is jealous for her good and welfare, and nothing will soever provoke him than to see any injure her. So it is also with Christ and his children.  Matthew 18:6, “If any offend one of these little ones.” And such is the spirit of a the Bride to Christ and Christian towards Christ that they are jealous for the honor and glory of their husband/lord/LORD.

She has a spirit of zeal for the glory of her Redeemer, and nothing will more grieve and offend her than to see him dishonored and his interest suffering. The one/One she loves and her soul have a mutual complacence in each other, and hath delight in each other. Isaiah 62:5, “As the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee.”   God rejoices over His Bride Israel, so also is the bride in the Song the Bride of God and the husband in the Song rejoices over his bride as well in 4:9 “Thou hast ravished my heart.” Her beloved is exceedingly well-pleased and takes sweet delight in the graces and virtues of his wife, in that beauty and loveliness which he put upon her. Song 1:11, 4:10.

The believer has also a complacence in Christ: he has complacence in the person of Christ, and hath complacence in his offices. He approves of him as a Redeemer. His soul acquiesces in the way of salvation by him, as a sweet, and excellent, and suitable way: it loves the way of true grace by Christ and by his righteousness, and is well-pleased in it, that Christ should have all the glory of his salvation. He takes full contentment in Christ as a Savior. Having found Christ, he desires no other: having found the fountain, he sits down by it: having found Christ, his hungry and thirsty soul is satisfied in him. His burdened soul is eased in him: his fearful soul is confident: his weary soul is at rest. Canticles 2:3, “I sat down under his shadow with great delight.” So hath Christ rest and contentment in believers. He says of Zion, i.e. the church, “This is my rest forever: here will I dwell; for I have desired it” (Psalms 132:14).

Mutual desire one for the other.

Mutual desire for the good of the other.  Love desires the best for the object of its affection.  It is not good for a wife to not have a good shepherd.  Husband and wife have desires after each other. 7:10, “I am my beloved’s, and his desire is towards me.” And the desire of the wife is after her husband when either physical or spiritual closeness is gone.  3:1–2, “By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not. I will rise now, and go about the city in the streets and broad ways. I will seek him whom my soul loveth.”  She desires him/Him.  He desires her.  They both desire each other.  They both love each other for love desires the strictest union with the one/One it loves.  Love hates separation wether it be real or perceived, physical or spiritual.  Their is a sweet harmony of desire one for the other due to their union and mutual desire one for the other.  One is not running away and the other chasing for this would be disharmony and promote separation.  But they both desire oneness.

Mutual admiration one for the other.

True love admires the one/One it loves.  True lovers admire one another.  True lovers are worthy of admiration. The true Christian has an admiration of Jesus Christ; she admires his excellencies.  And so Christ is represented as admiring the excellency and beauty of the church.  He admires her in 6:10, “Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners?”

Mutual glorying one in the other

The spouses that love each other do glory in each other. The wife glories in her beloved in 5:16, “This is my beloved, and this is my friend.”  6:3, “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.” And the husband glories in the wife.  So also God glories in his people: he looks on them as his armor and his crown. Isaiah 62:3, “Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God.” Zechariah 9:16, “And they shall be as the stones of a crown”.

Third. There is between husband/Husband and bride/Bride a mutual compliance and acceptance.

The husband offers and the wife accepts.  The husband offers himself to the wife and she accepts just as Christ offers himself to man as his lord, redeemer, and portion. The believer with his whole soul, closes with the offer and joyfully embraces it.  The husband loves as Christ loves the Church.  Love gives.  The husband gives himself and she accepts.

She comes to him to give up herself, soul and body, to him as the bride gave herself to Solomon, God’s son, the king of peace.  “I am his” 2:16.  She goes to him in a hurry!  “Let us hurry”  1:4  She goes to him and he accepts.  And though it be but a poor offer, yet Christ readily accepts of it. He that comes to him, he will in no wise cast out.

The husband becomes a suitor to the souls of his spouse. He earnestly and importunately seeks her love.  Song 5:2  “Open to me my sister, my darling, my dove, my flawless one.”  2:10  “Arise my beautiful one and come with me.”  She delightfully yields to his suit: she opens the door, and willingly complies with his advances, when he seeks it of her.  So also Christ desires to sup with His Bride.  Revelation 3:20, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock.”

And on the other hand, the believer is a supplicant unto Jesus; and Christ accepts their suit to him, and hears their prayer, and grants their requests. Matthew 21:22, “And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” John 14:13–14. “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.”

The believer accepts of all Christ’s offers, all the benefits that he has purchased, and offers in the gospel. And Christ accepts whatsoever the believer sincerely offers to him: he accepts his love, and this thankfulness, and the graces that he exercises towards him; as Christ well accepted of Mary, when she anointed him with her box of precious [ointment], thought others found fault with her [Matthew 26:6–13]. Christ accepts of whatsoever they do for him in sincerity, though it be but the giving of a cup of cold water (Matthew 10:42). Christ accepts of all the sincere requests of believers, and will do according to them. So the believer complies with whatsoever Christ requires, submits to his commands, is willing that Christ should have all that glory and respect that he receives. All his commands are agreeable and acceptable. He accounts Christ’s yoke easy, and his burden light, and his commands not grievous. Ye esteem the ways of his commands “ways of pleasantness.”

Fourth.  Mutual Indwelling.  He is in her and she is in him.  She is in him and on his mind and loved in his heart.  She is in his mind and loved from the heart.  They dwell within each others hearts.  The Spirit of God, Love is shared by both bonding the two together.

Mutual dwelling place.  They share the same dwelling place, the manifestations of the Love of God.  He is dwelling in her mind and she is dwelling in his and also God dwells in His people by His Spirit.   2 Cor. 6:16  “I will dwell in them, and will walk among them; and I will be their God, and they will be My people.”

Romans 8:9
You, however, are controlled not by the flesh, but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ.

Thus I have shown how there is sweet harmony of the first kind, viz. mutual respect between Christ and the soul of a true Christian.

II. There is a sweet harmony of likeness or conformity between Bridegroom and Bride

First.  They share the same nature in body and soul.

Both are human.  Both were born of a woman.  Two of the same physical nature are united.  God does not unite man with animal or angel, but God unites man with woman.  Though man is different than woman yet they have the same nature.  Though they have different roles they both are human beings.  They both have a body and are made of flesh.  They is a likeness of a physical nature that they both share in.

So also God put on flesh and dwelt among us

Christ hath made himself like to them. He hath conformed himself to them in nature: he took upon him the human nature that he might be conformed in nature to his elect people. Though he was God, yet he became man, that he might be as they are. “The Word was made flesh, and dwelt amongst us,” as one of us. Though he was “in the form of God, and thought it not robbery to be equal with God,” yet he “took on him the form of a servant,” that he might be conformed to us.

And not only so, but that he might conform himself to his people, he became subject to affliction and temptation as they; lived in the same evil world as they do; was subject to the changes and vicissitudes of time as they are; dwelt in a like frail body with them; took the human nature in its weak, broken state to be like them, and took it with those disadvantages that are the fruits of sin; was subject to hunger, and thirst, and weariness, pain, and death as they are; and liable to the afflicting, trying influences of evil spirits as they are, to be conformed to them. Hebrews 4:15, “He was in all points tempted like as we are.” And Hebrews 2:14, “Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise takes part of the same”; Hebrews 2:16–17, “For verily he took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham. Wherefore in all things it behoved [him] to be made like unto his brethren.”

Second.  The nature of their souls are one and the same.

They are both made in the image of God.  There is a sweet harmony of hearts since they both have the same spiritual nature.  Both Solomon and the Shulammite, both king of peace and queen of peace where made in the image of God.  Possessing both a natural and moral image.  Natural in their minds understanding and reasoning and moral image consisting in holiness or love to God.  They both possess the Spirit of God.  The Holy Spirit dwells in both of them.  They share the same new nature.  Though they may vary in degree of natural and moral holiness both have the Love of the LORD in and on their hearts 8:6.  Their is a sweet harmony of hearts, one to the other for they are both holy to one degree or another.  Though positionally they are both holy and blameless, practically their holiness and love to God and each other grows.

As the bridegroom and bride grow in grace and knowledge of the Love of God they grow in their love to God and each other.  The union becomes stricter.  The similarity of their hearts to God’s heart become closer or nearer yet always infinitely apart.  Solomon had Love to God in his heart and a fruit of that love is peace.  Solomon was the king of peace and she was an enemy.  After destroying much of the enemies of her heart she earned the nickname “Shulammite” meaning “Queen of peace” 7:13.  Due to her growing in Love to God and man her spiritual nature became more like his.  United to the king of peace she learned to not have enmity in her heart toward him.  Just as the bride conforms to the nature of her bridegroom so also believers conform to the image of Christ whom they are united to in love.

Believers are conformed or made like unto Christ. Christ was conformed to believers in all that was sinless, and believers are conformed to Christ in all that is holy. As they are naturally, there is the greatest deformity between them and Christ. But when they become true Christians, they put on the new man, and are renewed in knowledge, after the image of him that created them.   They are one in nature.  A real union of hearts. And “beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, they are changed into the same image from glory to glory” 2 Corinthians 3:18. They are of a like spirit and temper with him, and follow his example: they are made partakers of his holiness which consists in love to God: they are conformed to Christ in a filial spirit and temper towards God the Father: they are conformed to him in his obedience to the Father. As Christ did all the Father commanded, so the believer’s obedience is universal: they has respect to all God’s commands. The believer is conformed to Christ in his contempt of the world, and in meekness and loveliness of heart. They partake of His nature 2 Peter 1:4. As Christ was wonderfully meek and lovely, so meekness and humbleness of mind is the growing temper of the true Christian.

They are conformed to Christ in love and charity. As Christ was a marvelous instance of love and condescension, pity and mercy, so are the people elect of Christ wont to put on “bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering, forbearing one another, forgiving one another” (Colossians 3:12–13). They are conformed to the Lamb of God in a patient, lamblike disposition under sufferings, and also in a disposition to labor and deny themselves doing good. Especially are they conformed to Christ’s temper and behavior towards them: as Christ loved them, so they love one another: as Christ infinitely condescended for them to pity and help them, and deny himself for them, so they are of a condescending spirit and practice: as Christ forgave them, so they are of a forgiving spirit: as Christ has been infinitely rich in his bounty and grace to them, so the true Christian is of a liberal, bountiful, charitable disposition; looks not only on his own things, but also on the things of others.


The third thing wherein the harmony between the king of peace and the Queen of peace consists is their suitableness, one to the other.  The harmony between the two is suitable to their natures, relations and behaviors.  And here I would take notice of a threefold harmony of this kind:


first, a suitableness of temper and behavior to each other’s nature and state;

second, a suitableness of temper and behavior to the relation they stand in to each other;

third, a suitableness of temper and behavior to each other’s temper and behavior.

First. There is between God’s son and those who have His Flame in them.  There is a marvelous suitableness of temper and behavior to each other’s nature and state.

The temper and behavior of Solomon towards his wife is suitable to her state and nature.  He is wise and she needs leading.  She did not know where to find peace and rest.  “If you do not know..”  and he knew  “Follow.. and rest by the shepherd tents.” 1:7-8.  She is in herself poor, little, mean enemy slave; and the king of peace, answerably to this, is an exalted king and person of goodness, condescension and unmeasurable wisdom perfectly answerable to her condition. The person and character of  God’s son, Israels messiah and king is sufficient to effect harmony in the relationship and she knew it for his “name” was like perfume poured out 1:3.  She is in herself so exceeding sinful and unworthy, infinitely undeserving and ill-deserving; and Israel’s messiah is “chief among ten thousand” and is rich in free love and grace 8:6.

Her confession of the state or condition is “Dark am I, yet lovely” 1:5.  Yet he has a character suitable to her dark side for he loves her and love keeps no record of wrongs and see’s her perfect and holy in the coming Christ.  He has a loving nature answerable to her dark side so that there is harmony and a growing happiness in the relationship.  For love keeps no record of wrongs and her husband was the king of peace not the king of enmity.  Even when she acted an enemy to the king he had grace in him to forgive her and move forward.  So there was harmony in the relationship due to their suitable temper and behavior one to the other.

So there is also a suitableness of temper and behavior one to another’s nature and state in regards to Christ and the Church.  The Bride of Christ are in themselves miserable and helpless; and Christ is one of infinite mercy and compassion. They are in themselves exceeding weak, and continually exposed to all manner of mischief; and Christ is full of gracious care and tenderness towards them, and maintains a gracious watch continually for their protection. They are in themselves empty, needy creatures; and Christ is richly communicative.

So the temper and behavior of the true Christian towards Christ is answerable to his nature and state. Christ is in the divine nature: he is the eternal and infinitely glorious Son of God. And answerably hereto, the Christian hath an humble, adoring respect to Christ, pays him divine honor, and exalts him above all. And he also is [in] the human nature, and so is become his brother. Answerably hereto, the Christian hath boldness of access, and has his heart knit to Christ, as a true friend and intimate companion.

Second. There is a suitableness of temper and behavior to the relation they stand in to each other.  Solomon is her lord and king.   Their is a relationship between husband and wife.  The husband is a type of lord and king.   The husband wisely rules the wife and family according to scripture.  This may sound authoritative and maybe even abusive.  But if the husband had a good name or character then the wife would joyfully and sweetly obey.   Remember that marriage is a type of Christ’s relationship to the Church.  Christ is the Authority and the Church obeys.  And his commands are not burdensome due to His yoke being light and the commands are obeyed out of love.  His commands can be burdensome when done with the wrong motived or out of fear.

Solomon’s Song of Songs 1:3-4  “Let the king take me..”  for his “name is like perfume poured out.”   Her is a relationship between the king of Israel and a servant girl.  The servant girl desired to be married to the king, which would make her a queen yet still she would have to submit to the king.  This doesn’t make him better than her, they just have different roles in the union.  Due to their love toward God and one another his role as king is delightful and she delights to submit, for love desires the greatest good and happiness of the beloved.

The lord, husband, king, and authority in the relationship leads, guides, and sweetly commands according to God’s Word and she submits to him as unto the LORD.  The Son of God also submits to the Father, and agreeably to this relation, the wife has a humble spirit of submission to her king/King.  She submits to both her earthy king and Heavenly King at the same time but in different respects.  As the bride submits to her husband she is submitting to God her King for God desires for her to submit to her husband.  She has the love of God in her heart which enflames her heart to both her husband king and God her King.,  He wills it and she has a spirit of resignation to his will, and of obedience to his command 4:8-10. And on the other hand, the heart of God’s beloved son is full of love, mercy and grace towards his wife, as becomes a lord towards a subject.

As He relates to the Church and all believers, Jesus Christ is the Head, Savior and Friend to His Bride.

Head, Savior and Friend.

Christ is the Christian’s head. He is the head of all spirit, life, and gracious influence and communication; and suitably hereto, Christ is free, rich, and unfailing in communicativeness towards the Christian. And on the other hand, there is a spirit of union and dependance in that Christian towards Christ.

Christ is the Savior of the Christian; They are a perfect match, and suitably hereto, he is merciful and faithful in his work and office. And on the other hand, the Christian hath a spirit of trust and confident reliance on Jesus Christ. Christ is the teacher of the Christian; in him is the spirit of a disciple. The Christian sits at his feet. To the Christian Christ is the light of the world. The soul opens itself to receive this light. Christ is Intercessor: salvation comes in his name.

Christ is the friend of the Christian, and the one admitted to a state of friendship with him. The soul of the Christian is brought and united to Christ as his spouse. And answerably to this relation, there is a spirit to delight in each other’s presence, and communion, and conversation; and they are wont freely to open their hearts, and reveal themselves to each other, and dwell with each other. John 14:21, “And I will love him, and manifest myself to him”; John 14:23, “And we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.”

The Christian has a disposition suitable to this relation under all its difficulties to resort to Christ, to go there for counsel, and pity, and help. And Christ is ready to offer it to him as he needs it. John 14:18, “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come unto you.”

Third. There is a suitableness of temper and behavior to each other’s temper and behavior.  Complacency in love.  Complacency meaning an agreement of natures.  Holy heart to holy heart.   Holiness of heart consists in “Love to the LORD.”  The nature of her heart is that it has the Love of God written on it in the mind and felt at the seat of her emotions.  Love.  God is Love.  She knows and experiences the Love of God through her husband and it is more delightful than wine.  Great grace and love from the king of kings she reciprocates by proclaiming the superlative excellency of his love for “his love is more delightful than wine.” 1:2 and her love, temper and behavior to him is of the same nature as his love to her for he says to her after in 4:8 she obeyed him and loves glance to God and husband was also “more delightful than wine.” 4:10  Also In him is tenderness and faithfulness; in her is trust and confidence.

Mutual enjoyment and delight in each other’s love to God and each other.  Love to God consists in the knowledge of God and a sense of His Spirit when His holiness is apprehended and delighted in.

He is holy.  She is holy.  She is morally lovely.  He is morally excellent as well and altogether lovely like her.  4:7 and 5:16.   What is lovely about each one of them is their holiness.  Holiness is the peculiar beauty of the bride and bridegroom.

In Him and her is the Love of the LORD 8:6

God’s spirit is in His son, Jedidiah.  God is Love.  Love is the Spirit shared and communicated one to the other.

The love of Christ to the Christian exceeds the love of all others. He loves them more than any other friend; and suitably to this, the Christians love Christ, Christ above all.

In Christ is infinite grace towards them; and suitably hereto is thankfulness and praise towards him.


But I would now proceed to a brief

APPLICATION for the believer who is yoked to Christ and sups with Him.

Use I. What we have heard under this doctrine may well lead us to admire the exceeding marvelous grace of Jesus Christ to man.  It was marvelous to see such an exalted king of Israel reach down to shepherd a lowly servant girl.  How much more marvelous is the Love and Grace of the  KING of kings and Good Shepherd of our souls to unite Himself to us and lead us.  That he should enter into such an union and commerce with such a creature as man, how greatly has Christ herein condescended, and how highly is man hereby honored and exalted!  Take time now to praise Him!  Admire and love Him for who He is and thank him for giving us His Word whereby He shepherds us. Why should the eternal Son of God, who is infinitely above us, and above any need of us, stoop to be in such a manner concerned with us to establish such an intimate union, such a sweet consent and harmony, such a dear, mutual respect, such a wonderful conformity, an answerableness between him and us?

All is owing to the greatest Christ.   Solomon was but a Type a mere shadow and Christ is greater than Solomon.  Even the wisdom of Solomon came from God’s Perfect Son. ‘Tis from him and begins with him. ‘Tis not owing to us; for we are naturally in a state of estrangement and great alienation, and should forever have so remained, if we had been let alone. And we did not deserve that Christ should thus deal with us, and should enter into such a sweet, and excellent, and happy union with us; for we were his enemies.

Think highly and much of the Grace of Christ!  How wonderful was it that the grace of Christ should so triumph over our enmity, especially considering after what manner this is brought about. Christ was not only first in seeking of it, but to make way for it. Though he was in the form of God, he became man, and laid down his life. Why should Christ make so much of us, who cannot be profitable to him, who can add nothing to his happiness and glory?  Christ was always infinitely happy in the union and communion with the Father.  What does Christ get by us poor, vile worms, that he should thus lay out himself for an union with us?

Use II. Hence we may learn the nature of true and sincere Christian piety. This shows the nature and genius of Christianity, what that is wherein it most essentially consists. It don’t consist chiefly in any certain profession, or set of principles or tenets; or in any outward form of worship, or an attendance in such or such religious practices; or in outwardly moral behavior; but in such an internal, spiritual harmony between Christ and the soul, as that which has been spoken of.

By this, Christianity is most essentially distinguished from all things. By this, ’tis distinguished from the morality of the heathen. And by this, ’tis distinguished [from] the superstition and will-worship of many that are called Christians. And by this, ’tis distinguished from the fair, outward show, or the false affection and zeal of hypocrites. By this, may all pretended descriptions of Christian piety, and precepts to it, and pretenses of it be tried.

The end of the doctrines and precepts of Christianity, is to bring about this sweet harmony between the soul and Jesus Christ. And this is the nature and tendency of them. Whatever doctrines or rules of any profession tend to the contrary, they are to be rejected. And whatever pretenses any make to piety, if their prevailing temper be found contrary to this, they are like to be rejected and acknowledged by Christ as his; for his sheep know his voice and follow him.

This doctrine shows us the excellent and lovely nature of true Christianity. For how exalted is such an harmony between Christ and the soul, as has been spoken of: how does it ennoble and exalt the soul of man: and how excellent does it render the state of a true follower of the Greatest Shepherd of our souls.

Use III. We may particularly hence learn the nature of that great Christian grace of faith in Jesus Christ. The grace of faith is often spoken of in Scripture as that by which especially the union between Christ and the soul is made. And therefore ’tis called in Scripture, a coming to Christ, and a receiving Christ. ‘Tis a coming to Christ as being drawn to him: ’tis the opposite to disallowing and rejecting of Christ 1 Peter 2:7.  Had the Shulammite not believed her shepherd lover when he told her where to find peace and rest then she would not have followed, yet she had faith and followed.  Do you believe Christ, the Good Shepherd of your soul has your best interest on where and how to find peace and rest in His presence?

And therefore saving or justifying faith in Christ doesn’t consist merely in the assent of the understanding, nor only in the consent of the will; but is the harmonizing of the whole soul with Jesus Christ, as he is revealed and held forth in the gospel.

It is the soul’s embracing the revelation of Jesus Christ in all His Offices. ‘Tis the whole soul’s entirely adhering to Him and acquiescing in Him, according and symphonizing with the revelation and offer of Christ as its Savior. There is an entire yielding to it, and closing with it; adhering to it with the belief, with the inclination and affection; admitting and receiving it with entire credit and respect as true, and worthy, and excellent.

Faith is that harmony in the soul towards Christ that has been spoken of in its most direct act. And it may be defined as the soul’s entirely uniting and closing with Christ for his Savior, acquiescing in his reality and goodness as a Savior, as the gospel reveals him. Therefore it is by faith that we are justified or declared righteous before God, not as commending us to God by its excellency as a qualification in us, but as uniting us to Christ. The foundation of persons’ acceptance with God, is their union with Christ, or that relation to Him, whatsoever that is, by which in Scripture we are said to be in Christ. And faith is that by which we are untied to God in Christ; for it is the active unition and closing with Christ as a Savior.

Use IV. By this doctrine we may examine and try ourselves, whether or no we are true Christians. Is there such a sweet harmony subsisting between Christ and our souls? We need not inquire whether or no there be nothing else but harmony; for there is a great deal of discord remaining in the hearts of the best in the world.

And we need not conclude that we are not true Christians, if we can’t speak to every particular that has been mentioned herein; for though there be an harmony in all these respects in every Christian, yet it may be very imperfect, and in some instances greatly obscured by indwelling sin. But let us inquire whether or not such an harmony between Christ and your soul, appears sweet and delightful to you. Do you have a sense of the excellency of it, so as to cause longing desires after a closer, stricter union?  Do your longing after Christ cause you to deny yourself sinful pleasures in order to enjoy the sweeter harmony and union that comes with the modification of sin in your heart?  Your heart will be more one with His and you will feel it and enjoy Him and glorify Him for it.  Does a life of such harmony with Christ appear to be the most excellent and happy life to you?  If given the choice would you watch tv or commune with your Good Shepherd in His Word, prayer or in holy conversation or fellowship with other believers? Do you have a sense in your heart of the sweetness of it, and that such a life is far better than all the enjoyments of this world? Can we find it in your hearts to prefer it, prize it vastly above all the profits, and grandeur, and pleasures of the world, if you might have your free choice?

Use this information for self examination.  When you read the Word of God, do you not only read it but obey it?  Do you look into it and find something sinful about yourself and repent or do you still a stubborn pig wallowing in the mire of sin?  Or are you a sheep that is much delighted to see area’s where you need to follow the Good Shepherd wherever and whenever He calls?   Is there a sweet harmony between His calling you and you following with all your heart?  In that consists the essence of Christianity. He that has this is a Christian; and he that is without it is not worthy of the name, whatever his knowledge, or profession, or orthodoxy, or outward strictness be.

And can you in the general, though not in every particular, and though very imperfect in every particular, find such a spirit towards Christ as has been described? Have you such a spirit to choose, to love, to long after Christ, and to acquiesce in him, and rejoice to cleave to him?  Have you felt such a temper of mind? Or are those things wholly strangers to you? Is this a sapless, dull story to you? Are you more eager to read the Word and follow God’s instructions for you life than reading and following your favorite food recipe?  God has the best recipe for you life in Scripture, do you believe this to be so or does your Bible lay there unopened for day after day?  Is your heart in harmony and agreement with the text so much so that it affects change in your heart and life? Or do your hearts in many instances echo to what has been said; so that you can have good grounds to think that such a harmony is begun in your souls, though it be very imperfect?

Use V, and last, may be of Exhortation, earnestly to seek after such an harmony between Christ and our souls. For motive, consider

First. How miserable are those that have not attained a union of heart and soul with Christ. Maybe there is no agreement between Christ and you; but rather on the contrary He is a “stone of stumbling and rock of offense.”  How miserable a condition are those who are not His sheep, who don’t follow His voice in Scripture.   How miserable are the lost sheep who follow Satan’s lies for  “You are without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel.”  Seek a sweet happy harmony of soul with Christ rather than feeling lost, miserable and without purpose or meaning in life.  Christ came that you may have life and have in abundantly by being one with Him.

Second. And how beautiful and lovely is a Christian so far as this harmony prevails in his soul.   The stricter the union the more beautiful and holy will your soul be.  What can render a creature more amiable than to be thus affected, related, and conformed to the Son of God, who is the brightness of the Father’s glory, and “the express image of his person.” Well may it be said, “The righteous is more excellent than his neighbor.”

Third. This shows us also how happy a person a true Christian is, what happy circumstance he is in, and what an happy life must he needs live; so far as he is in the exercise and sense of this sweet harmony between Christ and him. Without doubt this is a sweeter pleasure than all that earth can afford. It need not be difficult to us to believe that this gives peace, that passes all understanding; and that herein is to be had joy, that is unspeakable and full of glory.

Fourth. How inconceivably happy will the true Christian be hereafter, when he shall dwell with Christ, between whom and his soul there is such an harmony. As Christ and the believer are now spiritually so united as we have heard, so Christ will have them to be where he is, forever to dwell with him and partake with him in his glory. And then this union will be perfected, and there shall be nothing remaining to disturb, to interrupt, or allay the harmony; but the mutual respect and love shall be gloriously exalted. The conformity and suitableness shall be perfected, and the same shall be immutably continued, and the sweetness and delight hence arising shall be uninterrupted and everlasting.


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Saved in 2000 at age 27. Nearly immediately I fell in love with the Song and grew very fast the first two years memorizing large portions of scripture purifying my mind the started chewing on meat to soon and struggled for 12 years and Christ has me on track like always but I just took the long way around and now I love leading others closer to Christ by seeing His love reflected in Solomons love for an enemy slave girl.

I have experienced God's love to me in the Song in ways that words can't express. There are many portion of the Word where she experiences extra ordinary outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God. If you have a burning desire for a close intimate relationship with God by experiencing His Love to you over and over again at greater and greater heights, depths, lengths and breaths then The Song of Songs is where you need to be.

I can help you with this process of Growing in the experience of God's love. As of 7-23-16 I have experienced everything prior to chapter 8. The Song of Song is progressive in experience. Meaning that if you are mature then you can experience the joys and extraordinary outpourings of God's Love shed abroad in your heart.

If you are not so mature then the delights in the first chapter of the Song will satisfy your thirst for experiencing the Love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Many Christian are living in sin because they do not know how to experience God's love and get hooked on Loving Him. It feels good to be loved and to love Him. His burden is not heavy and His yoke is light, Jesus said in Matt. 10:28

I believe God wants to use me to help beautify His Bride through the Song of Solomon.

If you see the book literally you will not understand nor grasp the Love God has for you. If you see the book and the verses in it relating to Christ's love to you then I would love to show you how to experience this Love to the fullest. I will pray for you daily and guide you every step of the way.

16 I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, 17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, 18 may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, 19 and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

I grew up going to church but was a hypocrite. I lived my life how I chose but went to church on Sunday because my family went.

Mom and Dad divorced when I was about 5.

About this time I was sexually abused by "Bob" a made up name. This incident changed my life for the worst. I had no clue how to deal with it.

As I got older I grew in my hatred for Bob. I didn't blame anyone of my family because I was to young to know any better. Some of what happened during the abuse was in a bathroom. So overtime I would use the bathroom and look at my private parts that night would replay in my mind. My hatred for Bob would continue to grow each time.

Now I know this only happened to me one night. I can't image the pain other's go through who have had this happen to them over and over. Even as I write this now I cry with many tears for those hurting. God love you even though you may not know it or feel it. Go to Him in your time of need.

I was a really bad teenager. I only cared about myself and not even my family. I always came first in my mind. Even at the expense of hurting others. I was growing in my hatred for God by now.

I was going to church and was learned that God was in control. I thought well, if God was in control then He must have let me be sexually abused. I didn't understand this, How could a good and loving God allow this. I hated Him for it. My hatred for Bob grew as well. I was still using the bathroom and memories kept coming back. My heart grew even harder for Bob and God. As far as I was concerned God would have nothing to do with my life so I lived even worse. I thought I would be in jail or dead and I really didn't care, I thought it could be much worse than reliving your painful past over and over again. Little did I know that God's plan later would be to use these events to give me a burning passion for the closest most intimate love relationship with Himself through Christ mainly through the love poem in the Song of Songs in the Bible.

I remember hating Bob so much that the only thing that would relieve my pain was actually thinking he would suffer forever for what he did. I grew so much in my hatred for him that I had to continue to think that he would get even worse than what I imaged before. After some time I would only be relieved of hatred for him unless I thought he would burn in a hotter and hotter hell for all the suffering he put me through.

I never told my mom or family what happened, although I think some of them knew something had happened.

I grew up quite rebellious and even went to jail at the age of 20. I was living the fast life pursuing all my sinful desires and wanting more. It never seemed to be enough. I was quite happy in my sin but I just wanted more of it.

I lived life thinking I would die at a young age, riding motorcycle and living on the edge put me in the hospital many times and I should have been dead.

California at age 26.

I moved to California for a job opportunity at the age of 27. While trying to figure out what radio stations to program in my car, I ran across a RC Sproul talking about "people who have the faith that saves and people who only say that have faith" only the people who have the faith that saves will go to heaven. I thought "I don't think I have the faith that saves because my life was so bad." I searched the scriptures to try to get this faith. I found a church and thought people there could help me get this faith that saves. All along God kept showing me how sinful I was and that I deserved punishment from Him for living my life hating Him.

One weekend I read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John desperately trying to find out how to get this faith that saves. By now I knew that if you had the faith that saves that Jesus would be saving you from a life of sin. I still liked my sin and Jesus sure wasn't saving me from a life of sin, so I rightly concluded that I didn't have the faith that saves.

By the time I got to John, I saw "believe" everywhere. John 3:16 and other verses and wow the whole book was written so that you may believe. John 20:31 "these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name." So at night I would pray "I believe Jesus died for me, I believe, I believe. This was just an intellectual belief. I knew that in history and the Bible that Jesus died for everyone, so I believed it. But this belief did not change my life.

I would go on night after night saying the same prayer only to wake up the next day wanting to fulfill my sinful desires. The prayer wasn't working so I started to word it different each time hoping some prayer would work. After about 2 weeks of this I was fed up with it all, nothing was happening. I still was living in my sin and wanted more of it. A Christian hates their sin and does something about it, and certainly they don't continue to make plans to sin. The prayers weren't working so I gave up. I thought to myself "God, I tried with all my might, I searched the Scriptures, went to church, read the Bible and prayed all to no avail. If Im going to be saved your going to have to do it because I tried."

So I quit praying but still the Bible kept calling me so I read more. 3 Days later I was laying in a tanning bed and God convicted me really hard that I had offended Him by the life I was living. I was so scared of God, where could I run. You can't hide from God. It seemed like forever that I was under these terrors of being punished by a Holy Angry God. This lasted about 10 minutes then this is how I understood it. God let me understand that all that anger that He had for me for all my sin should come my way but He had poured that anger out on Jesus 2,000 years ago. I immediately started weeping an couldn't stop for about 20 minutes. All the sins that I could think of I confessed for that 20 minutes one after another after another, I was so sorrowful and grieved it physically hurt inside.

After I stopped crying I thought that was the weirdest thing that ever happened. I walked out of the tanning salon and stood outside and everything seemed so beautiful, the tree's, the birds, even the air seemed pleasant. Now I was really wondering what was going on.

I pondered all of this as I drove to work that day. I brought my Bible to work and was thinking what am I doing, I want to take my Bible to work so I can read it. As soon as I got to work I started reading my Bible. I couldn't believe what I was reading!! It all was so wonderful. It felt so good to just read my Bible. My client showed up and as I was training them the only thing I could think about was getting back to my Bible. I read all night and slept about 2 hours and was reading again.

I had sinful things in my apartment and I rounded everything evil up and threw it in the garbage. It was weird I was thinking but it felt good so I left it all in the garbage. I called my girlfriend to break it up and she thought I had another girl, I said no, I just think this is wrong we shouldn't be sleeping together. She didn't understand so I told her I was a Christian now and she still thought I had another girlfriend. She said "Im glad your a Christian, so am I" I thought to myself, "I have a strong conviction that sleeping together is wrong and she thought it was okay" I wondered how she could think that. Anyway we broke up.

I kept reading my bible and repenting, there was so much to repent of and I had lived a very sinful life. I was a thief for some part of my life and all the people I stole from kept coming to mind. I owed so much money. I was instantly in debt about $80,000. As I could I paid them back. As of 7-18-2016 I still owe about $25,000 but it sure is a joy to be paying them back.

The first week of being saved a car just about ran me over, they hit me but I wasn't hurt at all. The guy in the car felt so bad. I just looked at him and said "God bless you and have a great day, I am okay" smiled at him and moved on. Now I was really wondering what was going on because I normally would have cussed him out left and right and instead of cussing I blessed him. That was so weird. But again it felt good. I learned to do good by what my conscience told me was good and that it felt good. I got hooked on this feeling good by doing good and did it more often.

About two weeks after being saved I thought of Bob. I immediately prayed for him, something like "Lord help him.." then I stopped praying and said out loud "What am I doing?" I'm praying for a man that I hated my whole life, but it feels good and right, so I did it again. I stopped again midway in the prayer and started pacing around. I was trying to make sense of what was going on and couldn't figure it out. But again it made me happy to pray for him so I did. Bob would often come to mind when I went to the bathroom and each time I would pray for Him. The more I did this the less weird it got. And the greater my love grew for him.

I started memorizing large portions of scripture and this was wonderful because it felt like the words were cleaning my mind and as Proverbs 2:10 "For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul." I wanted more and more of this pleasantness. So I memorized even more and the joy got more and more.

Then this life changing advice came:

A friend from church told me to find a book of the Bible and really understand it. Read through the Bible and pick one and read it over and over and study it and really get it. So I started in Genesis and read through. When I got to Proverbs I really liked it so I thought that would be the book. I started by memorizing all of Proverbs chapter 3. After that I thought maybe there is a better book than Proverbs. So I read on. Then I came to Song of Solomon. I read it with quite some confusion. It wasn't as good as the other books, I didn't know why. So I bought a commentary on it. George Burrowes commentary on the Song of Solomon.

In the commentary I found that George and other saw the book as illustrating God's love to the Church. And not only illustrating it but displaying the Love of Christ better than any other book. This caught my attention big time, because I was having a burning desire for a closer relationship with God and desperately learning about His Love so that I could Love God. You see I had hated Him for so long that God used that old hard heart to spur me on in loving Him. I so much did not want to hate God anymore that I was on fire to learn to Love Him as much and as fast as possible. So here was a book that would help me do that. So I landed on the Song of Solomon. I committed to learning as much of this book as possible.

I memorized the first chapter and would repeat it often throughout the day. I didn't know much of what I was repeating but it sure made me happier and on fire for God. I grew so fast repeating the first chapter over and over again all day, like a dozen times a day at least. It felt so good and I never found any other book that caused me to weep so much. I would often weep everyday just reading it. I was to immature to know what was going on. Even though it hurt to weep so much, I felt like my heart was being cleansed from the filth that was in it by repeating it over and over again so I did. As I read the commentary I understood more and more. What God was doing in me through the Song was greater and faster than any other portion of Scripture so I tended to stay there often. I was so excited about God that I thought it funny that other's in church weren't the same way. Some where happy but it seemed most of them didn't seem to care much about God. They would talk about work, football the weather. The only thing I wanted to talk about was Jesus and God and how can I grow closer to Him.

About this time there was a mission trip to Ireland.

I started to have convictions that I should try to find Bob and witness to him. I kept praying for him but how could he be saved if he hadn't heard the Gospel that has power unto salvation. So I asked family if they had any information. Like me before, my family hated him and thought he deserved hell. After some time I got his name but no location or phone number. Either they didn't know where he was or didn't want to tell me. I prayed some more and then started to get stronger convictions to do something about finding Bob.

So I went on the internet and typed in "his name and child molestation sex offender court" thinking that some court record would have some info leading to where I may find him" I even talked to a private eye and he couldn't help. So I googled some key words and spent hours each day looking through each page. I believed it was God's will for me to witness to Bob. I wanted him to be saved. Really bad. So much so that I thought God would save Bob if I were to witness to him. So I didn't stop searching for him. I kept my computer on each day and went page by page. It took two years to go through about 15,000 pages but I found someone who matched his name in a prison for molesting his grandchildren. I wrote the prison and he wrote back. All kinds of emotions went through my body when I saw his letter from the jail. I didn't open it right away but two hours later God gave me enough courage to face my fears again and I opened the letter. He admitted to being the one who molested me. We wrote back and forth I told him I was angry before but now I was saved and that I loved him and believed God wanted me to talk to him. He read my letters over and over again. I shared the gospel in each one.

I got mad at Bob 2x. Once he said that he love me. I got really angry with him. He didn't love me. That night it was hard to love Bob, I had to call a friend to pray for me to repent, after he prayed I felt greater love for Bob. Then I wrote him back saying "I'm sorry but you can't say that you loved me. You did not love me you lusted after me." He admitted he didn't love as he should have and admitted that it was lust and sinful. Finally some conviction. Yet I only thought he was saying that because I was being nice to him. All his family had left him and he said I was the only "friend" he had.

Wether or not it was true Bob said that he had cancer in his arm and that the help the prison gives was not enough and if he had money he could see a different doctor and get help. I sent him some money and since I was in jail before I knew what it was like to be in there without money, so I sent him money.

About 4-5 months in the economy went down, it was 2008. Work was hard. I still sent him money and I had to work harder. This was a really good lesson for me because I had to "work hard for the benefit of someone who did not deserve it." This was one of the greatest blessing ever because I realized with great certainty that Jesus was in me. This is what Jesus did. Jesus worked his whole life for me and I didn't deserve it!! Christ was in me! This was one of the best feelings ever and it put me in worship for months.

Then a mission trip to Croatia.

Each time I had to leave my business and amazing as it is I was completely okay each time. I am a self employed personal trainer and it is normally absurd to just leave and start over, but each time I had enough work within 2 weeks of coming back. This is a flat out miracle. I trusted God to provide and he did. How many people can start up a business in 2 weeks. Only with the help of God. God was teaching me early on in my walk that as long as I did what He wanted me to do then I had nothing to worry about.

About 3 years saved now.

I Taught the 4 year old's at church Sunday morning for 10 years.

Left my business 2x for mission trips and God miraculously provided when I came back.

I taught 5 x a week plus held a job.

Sunday morning to the kids.
Sunday night with the 5th graders
Friday afternoons at Good News Clubs. Sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship.
Friday Nights with the Kids teaching through Pilgrims Progress, I did this 2x
Teaching Monday afternoons at a nursing home. I taught through the Song of Songs once then John, then Romans then back to the Song again! I love the Song of Songs.
I grew up hating God for what happened to me, and now I love Him because He first loved me. My passion is for children to grow up loving God and not hating Him.

My other passion which has become ever greater is to help others see the Love of Christ to His Church in the Song of Songs!!

I would love to help you, just let me know and I will lead you and pray for you.

God demonstrates His love to us in sending His one and only Son to suffer in our place, taking our sins upon Himself so that whoever believes they get to heaven because of what He did for us will not perish but have everlasting life.

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