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CategorySolomon’s Song of Songs

Spirit of the Bride yearns for her lover!

The Spirit of the Bride yearns, “Come Lord Jesus, oh please come, it would be like Heaven to have You near me.” “I am willing to die in order to have you close to my heart.” “I have found the pearl and hid it in a field and now Im selling all I have in order to have that pearl all to myself so I buy that field.

Are You Feeling Guilty of Sin?

A saint is guilty but forgiven, God could pour out His Wrath on the sinner, but not the saint who is forgiven. God can’t be angry with the sinner who is forgiven because God poured out His anger on Christ when He bore our sins in His body on the cross for 3 hours and then said “It is finished” He paid the price in full. He paid the ransom for our sin to set us free.

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